Who we are

Our Story

Our story begins in 1970 in the heart of Italy, Todi. Mr. and Mrs. Ricciarelli with their small sewing store decided to fulfill their desire to create customized products by hand-a bold idea but in tune with the true essence of craftsmanship.

The passion for objects that are not only beautiful and practical, but also closely related to people has caused our success to grow into an established company that has been handing down love for the customer and care in the selection of first-rate materials for three generations now.

Eco Friendly

Our commitment to the environment

We care so that our products are not only beautiful but also as environmentally friendly as possible; eco friendly and with full knowledge of the impact of certain processes on the ecosystem.

Among our production processes, we have also dedicated ourselves to perfecting a circular economy model, using environmentally sustainable materials and recycled papers: extending the life of what would otherwise become waste, thus avoiding the use of virgin raw material.

Out of this commitment comes our innovative Bio Line collection : diaries, notebooks and other accessories made through nature-friendly production processes that use apple waste to produce a material with a texture that is pleasing to the touch and to the eye.

In this way we give voice to green instances and concretize them together with those who choose and share our values, aiming over the years to evolve our natural eco friendly essence.

Linea Bio-line Pubblipel Ricciarelli a Todi

How we work

Sustainability customization

We continue to believe that it is important to follow each process step by step: at the materials research stage, our experts make a careful study of samples, while for custom design we remain in constant dialogue with the customer until the product is manufactured.

Because product customization has been the driving force behind our story, we are able to carry out hot printing on all our creations, which guarantees harmonious graphic solutions that are never mundane.

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