Office Supplements

Our production boasts an extensive line of customizable accessories made of leather and coagulate, ideal for returning the best version of your company at a glance.

Each gadget in the line is the result of careful design work and is made with custom cuts, according to the ancient rules of tannery.

At Pubblipel, we fuse tradition and innovation by applying the most modern technical solutions to the quality of original workmanship.

Lavorazione della pelle e del cuoio Pubblipel Ricciarelli Todi

Telling a story with personality

Our craftsmanship background is still reflected in valuable habits such as the study that precedes the choice of materials and the care invested in the realization of details; all this allows us to give life to customized accessories with high quality standards.

Our intent is to communicate a brand’s identity through everyday objects that must be practical while retaining a distinctive look; for us this means creating a strong, positive and, above all, lasting memory of the company.

The solution in a set

Our solutions range from conference folders, to tablet and playing card cases, valet tray, credit card holders and more.

In addition, thanks to many years of experience we have created sets dedicated to the office and travel: we know exactly what you will need, which is why we provide a pack of products designed specifically to make work easy and fast; for those who are not satisfied, we also offer the Bio Line version of sets, made with an authentic green and sustainable soul.

Leave room for ideas and new stimuli with our collection of accessories