More room for personalization

A simple notebook that contains so much more: our notebooks are a useful communication tool for jotting down ideas, commitments, and insights freely and thoroughly.

We know that there can be different ways to approach the moment of writing, which is why our notebooks can be made in classic ruled, checkered for the more precise, or neutral to give creativity carte blanche.

Three layouts for three different worldviews, so that we can allow maximum freedom of expression.

The formats of creativity

If it is true that there is never enough space for ideas, we at Pubblipel have come up with the perfect solution for every need, developing 12x17, 13x21, 14.5x21 and 17x24 formats, all of which can be declined with flexible or hard cover.

The versions have sizes that are designed to maintain the practicality of an office or desktop item, so manageable, but are large enough to hold a little more of the writer's world.

Unique notebooks outside and inside

The freedom to express oneself is also wrapped up in the details, which is why we can create projects with custom cover and interior for specific requests and quantities to be determined.

Through the hot stamping technique, all possible details that make a company unique and tell its identity with style, design and strong impact are engraved.

Taccuino colorato Pubblipel Ricciarelli Todi

Change the leather of your notebook with one of our collection.