Leather diaries

Time identity

In an increasingly hectic world, it becomes complicated to carve out a moment for oneself and keep track of all aspects of a multifaceted, high-speed life.

A good help can be our daily and weekly planners, designed specifically to keep track of commitments in a functional and pleasing way, so that you can organize your time and have a clear and well-ordered view of it, without sacrificing aesthetics.

Digital side-by-side

We at Pubblipel are aware of the many digital tools that serve the same purpose, and we do not want to be their substitute. Instead, we are convinced that the paper-based memo can flank and enrich the digital schedule.

In fact, a diary page is a white space in which one can say a lot about oneself: one does not only jot down deadlines and duties, but also concretizes some of the immediate future and shapes new projects; one plans the path to achieve certain goals or even better, creates a place to talk about oneself through inspirations and cues.

The qualities of leather

To shape an object so personal but yet of such practical use, blending duties and pleasures, we could not but choose leather.

Italy, in particular, boasts a very old tradition in this field and meets the strict European standards for quality and environmental protection in the best way possible.

Just think that most of the leather produced locally is destined for high fashion, and our country is the second largest exporter worldwide.

In fact, this material has innumerable merits, combining its elegant and fine appearance with the characteristics that are enhanced through skillful processing: excellent durability, water resistance and elasticity.

Agenda in pelle celeste Pubblipel Ricciarelli Todi

100% genuine Italian leather

Respect and environmental protection

Resistant to water and weather

The properties of leather, its wide use combined with the possibility of transformation with modern design colors and finishes..

… make our daily or weekly planners perfect companions both in everyday life and on the road.

Change the skin of planning with our collection.