Ecological Line

Fixed appointment with the environment

We research materials and manufacturing techniques in the heart of Italian tradition, but this does not make us any less careful about the world around us.

In recent years, the strong call for responsibility and respect for the planet has forced companies to take more care with production choices and the resulting environmental impact.

Sustainable quality

We at Pubblipel are looking for innovative solutions that allow us not to give up the valuable features of our products; we are committed to ensuring ethical and sustainable production, to meet the needs of the customer first and foremost as a person.

For these reasons, we have decided to make our work more eco-friendly by integrating an exclusive line into the family of our items:
Bio Line.

This collection of eco-friendly notebooks, diaries and other accessories was created with the intention of doing the best for the Planet and putting our green vision into practice in our industry.

In order to achieve this goal, we decided to apply the circular economy model to our manufacturing processes, so that the commitment and environmental consciousness of those who choose our products is clear.

The circular economy seeks to use as few raw materials as possible: we aim for transformation and reuse to extend the life cycle of products.
In particular, Bio Line’s innovative material owes its ecological nature to the reuse of the apple.

Rather than investing resources in the disposal of the fruit’s organic waste, these “residues” turn into a double benefit: with the use of the apple, as much cellulose is saved as that of a tree, and to this is then added the noticeable reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The diaries thus maintain the same quality and robustness that distinguishes us, with the added value of responsible use of the planet’s resources.In short, there are endless good reasons to choose Bio Line.

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Choose the beauty of respecting the environment: discover our BIO line