Coagulated Diaries

Like a second skin

Our leatherette diaries are designed to offer the best solution for those who want a functional and practical item without depriving themselves of the beauty of real leather.

The synthetic fibers of this material were created in the laboratory to improve some of the characteristics of the original material , including easier cleaning and a coloration that does not change after prolonged exposure to the sun; at the same time, we have worked to retain the best of leather: not only, the waterproofness, but also the characteristic appearance of a texture with the small imperfections that make leather unique to each individual product.

Flexible design

Coagulate also allows for easier processing, which is why it lends itself to all kinds of designs:different colors combined with distinctive closures and details inspire our collection dedicated to cities; let yourself be seduced by the classic and well-kept look of Italian capitals, or opt for the modern and sprightly touch of U.S. metropolises; our line responds to a wide variety of suggestions with the advantage of having the right balance between price and quality.

Any size

At Pubblipel, we don’t only pay attention to appearance, which is why we have come up with a format that can meet every need: from the pocket diary to the traditional diary to the tablet holder model, we provide the solution to be organized and take your world everywhere.

Change the skin of planning with our collection.