The evolution of Planning

Personalized diaries, notebooks and accessories

Leather diaries

Time identity

In an increasingly hectic world, it becomes complicated to carve out a moment for oneself and keep track of all aspects of a multifaceted, high-speed life.

A good help can be our daily and weekly planners, designed specifically to keep track of commitments in a functional and pleasing way, so that you can organize your time and have a clear and well-ordered view of it, without sacrificing aesthetics.

PU Leather Diaries

Like a second skin

Our leatherette daily and weekly diaries are designed to offer the best solution for those who want a functional and practical item without depriving themselves of the beauty of real leather.
Synthetic fibers are designed for easy cleaning and processing, so coagulate lends itself to design personalizations such as closures and distinctive details that inspire our collection dedicated to cities.

Ecological Line

Sustainable quality

We at Pubblipel care about the world around us and are committed to ethical and sustainable production, which is why we look for eco-friendly solutions that allow us not to give up the valuable characteristics of our products. Out of this mission the eco-friendly Bio Line, came out which uses apple waste to create a robust material with high quality standards.


More room for personalization

Our notebooks are the ideal communication tool for jotting down cues and commitments in a free and in-depth way: numerous formats are available for every need and can be declined with flexible or hard cover. For more sophistication, we carry out customization of the inside page and cover using the hot stamping process.


Office Supplements

We have an extensive line of customizable accessories made of leather and clotted, ideal for giving back the best version of your company at a glance.
Each gadget is the result of careful design work and is made with custom cuts that blend the quality of original workmanship with the most modern technical solutions.


All about us

To leave your mark on your customers’ pages, trust those who have made personalization and love of premium materials their credo.

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